You Provide The Information, We Provide The System

Hello, my name is David Morris.

This web site is designed to provide portals to an evergrowing list of information that I wish to provide to my friends and the world in general. As I get new ideas, I build more and more portals. They will change as events in my life change. For example, several years ago I had an opportunity to become a reseller of end-of-lease copiers. I provided a portal to my current inventory so that anyone out there could see pictures and conditions of these copiers. I sold several of them on eBay and also sold many from the portal. I no longer do that so I have removed the portal.

My primary business, however, is a software development consultant, hense the slogan, You Provide the Information, We Provide the System. I have been a professional programmer/analyst since 1985 starting on the IBM System/34 writing in RPGII. However, I have evolved into java and developing web portals in ASP and JSP, but I will let my resume in the Paragon portal tell the rest.

I am also a Jehovah's Witness so one of my more recent portals is to provide to family and friends access to my recordings of the conventions in case there was a talk that they missed or the whole thing if they would like to listen to it again.

Below is a list of the current portals that are available at this time. Feel free to browse around. Come back often to see if anything has changed. Enjoy and have a wonderful day.

The Paragon InfoSystems portal contains pertinent information about the services my company offers. It also includes my resume and service contract and fees.
The Email Excursion portal is one I use to house all the interesting and humorous emails that I have received over the years. These are actual emails that I have received. Feel free to browse around. If you register on that portal, I will send you email updates to the portal. That is, whenever I add new content, I will send you an email that links to only the new content so you don't have to search all over the place to find out what was added. You will understand once you enter the portal.
The Assemblies portal houses the assembly and convertion talks and other sundry items associated with them. For example, I usually include an image of the badge, the program, those notebooks you may get via email (but formatted the way I like it). Enter! and have a listen to the sound of a spiritual paradise.
I will use the My Photo Gallery portal to document exciting new pictures I have taken while on my various and asundry (sp?) photographic outings. Since this is my latest hobby, I expect to post a lot of stuff pretty shortly and then lose interest. That is not a plan, just a way of life. So while I am having fun, you can also enjoy the fruits of my labor. Step into my camera and gawk at the spendor of Jehovah's creation.
While I was recently on my trip in Europe, I met a woman from the Ukraine. I told her that my grandmother's family was from the Ukraine and she asked me from what area. Well, I had no idea. So I have decided to do some research into my grandmother's family and see if I can find out. I will be posting the results of my work in my new Family Tree portal. Who knows, I may even to my other grandparents too. But let's start small and see where that goes.
The Theocratic portal is a new portal written and designed by ATDTech, a company that produced and distributed Palm-based Theocratic software. I have the privilege of taking ownership of that web site and have created this portal so their current supporters will still be able to download the software and other stuff as was originally provided by the original website. Please enter and download anything you wish, it is all free.
The My Collections portal will contain an inventory of things I collect; stuff I have more than one of that I would like to trade, and stuff that I would like to trade for. Come on in and see if we can trade!

Now that I live in Nicaragua, I hate having to calculate when my 90 day visa expires. They could not just do 3 months so that if I arrive on the 5th, my visa would expire on the 5th, 3 months later. No, it has to be exactly 90 days. So.....

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