More Pics & Quips
Tuesday, December 08th, 2009 | Author: David Morris

“Look . . . I was thirsty man, deal with it.”

“Touch de duck… I keel you.”

“Weeeeeee!!! Look at me, I’m Yoda!”

“You want a piece of me? Bring it….!”

Kid . . You’re asking’ the wrong guy.”

“I don’t get it. Where’s the milk?”


“Bread! You’re seriouly giving me bread . .?”

[Sniff . .sniff] . . . . “Oh, this part of the movie always makes me cry.”

“This stupid bird’s about to get the snot bath.”

“Therrrrz no way that was . . . [hiccup!] …. juzzt milk . . . [hiccup!]”

“I . . . Hate . . . You.”

“BUT I DON”T WANNA GO!!! AAAAaaaaahahhhahh.”

Wow, dude… I wnt through you bag, man, and I found this little bag of green stuff. So I totally ate it. Awesome. Got any snacks? I got the munchies. I can’t feel my tongue. Heheheheh.”

“So Dad left when he found out about Mom and the Panda.”

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