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Stop #09: Naples, Italy

By David Morris

Capri, Sorrento, & Pompeii, Italy

Well, this day was a whirlwind.  I don’t remember any real facts about anything.  We blew through everything so fast my head was spinning.  We took a 45-minute boat ride from the Ruby Princess to the island of Capri.  The sea was extremely choppy and many people on board were losing their breakfast.  The boat attendants were handing out many plastic bags.  I, however, having taken my Bonine, just laid my head back and went to sleep.  I actually quite enjoyed it.

Capri was a small village on the side of one of the coast-line mountains with a beautiful garden that overlooked the sea.

Sorrento was mostly just a shopping center.  I took some pictures of interest but nothing historical about it.

Pompeii, on the other hand, was a completely different matter.  I have few to no historical facts about it because as soon as we got inside the city, the tour guide left me in the dust.  I just took pictures of almost everything I saw.  Below are the best.  For some reason, something happened to my camera and several of my pictures were completely blurry.  I don’t remember what happened: accidentally turned of auto-focus, dust on my lens, I don’t know what but it was bad.

One point I do remember that is quite remarkable.  The last pictures are actually of Mt. Vesuvius.  You will notice that there are two peaks: the highest one is called Vesuvius and the shorter one is called Summa, or Summit.  The original Vesuvius before the eruption actually was one peak.  If you take the left-hand slope of Summa and the right-hand slope of Vesuvius, they comprised the two side of the complete mountain.  When it erupted, it blew the entire top of the mountain off.

Some other points of interest that Jarrad remember from the tour guide: 1) there was no sewer system in Pompeii so human waste would run down the street as people walked.  2) There was a red light district and throughout the city were engraving of male genitals that would direct tourists of their day in the direction of the brothels.  3) During the escavation, they found bodies of people at the city walls towards the sea leaned over gasping for air.  Instead of running toward the water, they should have run to the hills.  They were trapped between fire and water. 4) They even found the remains of a dog.

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