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Stop #01: Grindelwald, Switzerland

By David Morris

Maria, Jarrad’s mom, gave u a ride to the airport. Freda Washington came along for the fun of it, I guess they had plans to do some shopping after they dumped us.

Anyway, it turns out there are many great benefits to flying business class that I didn’t even know about:

  1. Get to fasttrack baggage check-in
  2. Get to fasttrack security (oh, btw, remember to remove your metal belt buckle. I forgot and got a huge pat down.)
  3. Get to wait in the airline’s private lounge for your flight.

The only hic-cup so far is that, in my rushing away from home, I forgot my monopod. I spent several weeks trying out different pod and heads only to leave it on my kitchen table. Idiot!!!

So after a nine-hour plane ride to Munich, Germany that was quite pleasant. Oh, btw again, I checked my Bonine so I had to buy Dramamine at the airport, not cheap. Then in Munich, to get to the next flight, we had to pass through customs and wait another 2 1/2 hours in another nice lounge. So boarding starts. We go to the gate, walk down 2 flights of stairs, walk through a door onto a street and climb into a bus. What? That’s right, a bus. The bus then proceeds to the middle of the tarmac and we have to climb the steps into our commuter plane. We did drive past several prop jobs but luckily, ours was jet propelled. It was only a 1/2 hour flight but we had to wait on the tarmac for the better part of an hour for a thunderstorm to pass by before the captain would turn on the engines. I slept through most of it anyway. Remember the take off and woke up when the tires hit the pavement in Zurich.

So we get the train to GrindalWald. Turns out we had to change trains four times and sometimes the trains were waiting for us. It was very cumbersome with all our luggage.

The pictures below are from various stages of the aforementioned trip. Most of the pictures were taken from the train we took to Gridelwald so I have no idea what they are of. The few I could determine, I included in the description of the picture.

Woke up the next morning early to get some pictures from the hotel.  The ones of the street were from the room and the rest were either from the back balcony of the hotel or just below that out back, but the view was the same, just a slightly lower perspective.

We really wanted to take a train up to JungFrei or Slighthorn, but because of the clouds and fog, we were told we would not be able to see anything, so we just decided to take the train back to Zurich.  Here are the pictures from the return trip.

2 Responses to Stop #01: Grindelwald, Switzerland

  1. tonja

    absolutely beautiful…wish I could see it in person…

  2. steve grant

    David wonderful pics thanks for sharing.


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