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MeetUp - Yates Mill, Raleigh, NC

By David Morris

This past Saturday, there was a small group of people that met at the K&W on Holden Rd. in Greensboro, NC to go to Yates Mill in Raleigh, North Carolina. I had never been there before but rode down there with a couple of experienced photographers and had an opportunity to learn some things. We were not able to stay as long as I would have liked but did spend a couple of hours. I will be going back there to spend a little more time.

Photographically, the day started very bad. I got so excited about the light when I got there, I took the camera out and started shooting. After about 45 minutes, I decided to look at the pictures I had taken … and … they were all black. Then I looked at my settings. Boy were they wrong. I had forgotten that I had set some strange manual settings the last time I used the camera and forgot to reset them when I was done. The white balance was set to flash. The exposure was adjusted to -2 stops. So all the pictures I took were WAY under exposed. Throw those in the trash. Then later I fixed the white balance. The rest came out OK.

But to my surprise, I get home and download the pictures. WOW, what a wonderful affect. So here are the best of the pictures I took.

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  1. Sally Richardson

    Loved the photos; you’re getting to be quite good with the lens. Experiences like this will teach ya to check the settings first!!!
    Spring is coming and there will be more chances for lovely landscapes. I’m getting the itch to visit Biltmore - it’s been several years since I got to see the gardens in spring.


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