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Americade 2010

By David Morris

Well,  it was time for another vacation.  This will have been the first one since my European trip last July.  I have been a motorcycle rider for several years now and have only ever been to Honda Hoots (three I think).  Since Honda has decided to completely remove themselves from the rally scene and has also disbanded their demo team, I thought my rally days were over.  I never really wanted to go to Sturgis for the big Harley rally.  But a friend of mine, Richard Horsley from college, invited me to join him and one of his co-workers to the Americade rally in Lake George, NY. We ended up staying at the Country Cottages and Motel which were actually quite nice. They were convenient located in Diamond Point which is just about 4-5 miles north of the Lake George Village where all the ralley activities occurred.

Since this was my first time, I really did not know what to expect. I did know that there would be a lot of vendors and there were several items I was really anxious to purchase for my motorcycle. So I knew I would be spending time at the expo where the venders were. We had also reserved seating for several sponsored meals and rides during the 5-day event. They also had others types of events available like hot-air balloon rides, bowling, a scavenger hunt, raffles galore, and many other options. They provided a wonderful program guide for the entire event that truly provided all the information that anyone would need to know what was going on.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, you really can’t do everything. If you want to participate in the scavenger hunt, it would take must of your time. The organized rides, although are relatively short in plan, are long in execution. They will provide lunch but then you spend time exploring the surrounding area the whole rest of the day but then rush back to Lake George to make the dinner that you had reserved. I have to admin, even I did not make one of the rides that I had paid for just trying to do everything that I wanted to do. And for the clincher, this mean I had very little time to do one of my newest, favorite hobbies, photography. So my pictures were few and far between and I never even had time to get any of the bikes. How sad is that.

The second thing that really hampered me from being a shutterbug was the weather. As you will see in some of the pictures, if it wasn’t raining, it was severely overcast the entire rally. We did have a nice Monday, the day before the rally started but then it went downhill fast and stayed that way all the way home.

Now the rest of this blog is to outline the photographs that I took on this vacation and not as a testimonial to Americade. However, I did thoroughly enjoy myself at the rally. It was extremely organized. Well laid out. And I would highly recommend it to any bikers out there that are looking for a wholesome rally and is not overly laced with revelry. I never say any questionable attire or activities that I would not invite a child to. Of course, I didn’t look for any either so that may have been why.

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