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The Wedding Day Finally Arrives

By David Morris

All that planning and preparing, making sure everything is just right. Seemed so far away just a few months ago but now, it has already happened.  And what a wonderful event it was.  I am going to break my pictures for this wonderful occasion into 3 parts: the pre-wedding, the wedding, and the reception.  All of which had their own story, most of which will be told by the pictures.  I tell most from my point of view. Sorry Ryan and Julie, you have your own web site to tell about your point of view.

I need to let everyone know the arrangement here between me and Ryan & Julie, in case there is any confusion. I have known Ryan for quite a few years but just last year met Julie. I knew right off that Julie was a keeper when we got to talking at the Jamestown re-modal. Apparently, Julie works, like, on every crew. I know she works on the roofing crew which may be how they met. (Will need to confirm that.) because Ryan is also involved in the RBC. At our re-model, I had the privilege of taking pictures of the blessed event and got really chat with Julie. Now why is she a keeper? She already owns a motorcycle. Girl after my own heart, this one. Anyway, because I have become much more involved in photography, they asked me to help with taking the pictures for their wedding. They also have another brother doing this as well but he has much more experience than I do. Hence, the other photo shoots with Ryan and Julie that I have posted on this web site. They were practice for the big day. Am I a professional, by no means, but I know with time, practice, and patience, I may become one.

So Ryan wanted me to meet at his house early with his groomsmen so we could go take some fun pictures of them playing basketball and the like. We had about 30 minutes to do so when Ryan realizes that he left the wedding rings in the trunk of his car that he dropped of at the reception hall 30 miles away. Within seconds, I swear, seconds, here comes a text from Julie, “Don’t forget the rings.” They are not even married yet and Julies knows Ryan like a part of her own flesh (Genesis). We all got a chuckle out of that but the basketball is now out while we drive to Winston-Salem to get the rings. There is a basketball count near there so maybe….. no go. The court is a private playground and is completely padlocked. So instead, we go to a small park in Kernersville and take some pictures there as you will see in the first gallery below.

We get to the Kingdom Hall to meet up with Julie right on time where I team up with the other photographer. He has found a house out in the middle of nowhere to take the wedding party pictures. In case any of you are wondering, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in superstition and all that, so there is no problem with the groom and bride seeing each other before the wedding. This definitely helps with picture planning because we go all these done before the wedding so that afterwards, Ryan and Julie would be able to enjoy their reception, and they did as you will see.

Remember I said the other photographer has more experience than me? Well, I was not prepared for taking pictures of the family under the trees with the extremely diverse lighting problems. I destroyed a lot of pictures trying to get them right. I have not see his yet as of this writing but I hope his came out better than mine. I have included in this blog the best of what I took. Don’t hate me too much Julie. I did try my best. :)

So here are the pictures I took before the wedding actually started.

So after all this is finished, it is time to start the wedding.  Not much to tell here.  It was a normal wedding.  The scriptural counsel was timeless.  The bride and groom were so beautiful and handsome.  The event when off like clockwork.  All that planning and preparation paid off.  I did add a couple of tag lines to the pictures below so be sure to check them out.

And now that the wedding was over, everyone headed over to the reception for an evening of feasting and dancing.  Enjoy, I certainly did.

Congratulations, Ryan and Julie Clayton, September 18, 2010.

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