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Stop #05: Barcelona, Spain

By David Morris

Barcelona, Spain

So after an uneventful plane flight which I slept most of the way through which I have been doing for most of my flights so far, we arrive in Barcelona.  We grab a taxi to the Hesperia Sant Joan.  Apparently Sant Joan is a suburb of Barcelona as is quite a distance from all the important tourist spots in Barcelona so we spent much more time travelling to and from the hotel to Barcelona than I would have liked.  The tram was the least time consuming way to travel and satisfied most of our needs but I will comment on that later.

I had received a list of potential POI (points of interest) from Shabia, one of the German sisters that loves Barcelona.  We picked the ?? as our first point and after getting settled in the hotel, headed toward that spot.  It was getting dark so I was excited about getting some night shots.  After about a 30 minutes tram and train ride, we arrived at ???.  This is apparently the shopping and mingling center of Barcelona.  There were many people, street performers, restaurants (including Hard Rock Cafe right on the corner), and a main square with many children playing.  It was a neat place to be and take some night shots BUT I forgot my tripod at the hotel room.  So the night pictures you see are with the fastest shutter speed I could get with the light and taken with a monopod.  There is always something.

So after eating at Hard Rock Cafe (bottomless fountain drinks is an extreme luxury in Europe so when we can find them, we get them.  And Pepsi to boot), we had to take the bus back to the hotel because the trains/trams stop running at midnight and it was now about 12:30 am.  It took an hour and a half to get back to the hotel because the after-hours bus meanders around all over the place.  And remember, the hotel was pretty far away anyway.  I was starting to wonder if we would ever make it.

So we get up the next morning, buy and eat a continental breakfast at the hotel, arrange for a late check-out and head back to the next POI, the Castille de Barcelona.  This is a fort built to protect the harbor of Barcelona.  It is not really a castle as the name depicts but is more like a fort with a main center for running from place to place within the walls, and high walls with rooks at each cornet and batteries around for long-range cannon fire.  The big building in the following pictures that looks more like a castle is actually the museum of Barcelona.  We did not have time to either go into or even drive up to it with the exception of the pictures I took while taking a bus up to the fort.

We went to the fort because we were told that there were some good high points for overlooking Barcelona.  Unfortunately on the day we did this, it was very, VERY hazy and my long distance shots suffered greatly.  There is a famould cathedral in Barcelona called the Familie wich I took a couple of shots of from the fort but as you can see, very hazy.

When we got off the train in the area, we came out right outside a main circle in Barcelona with a beautiful fountain in the middle of it.  I got some good shots of the fountain but there was no water in it.  You can see the towers representing the gates to the museum and ultimately the castle right off that circle.  We took a open-air bus up to the top where the fort is and back down.  I took many shots from that bus but I was moving very fast and was extremely bouncy so my shots were horrid at best but I did what I could with what I had.

So after staying in that area several hours, we headed back to the hotel to check out and get a cab to the port to board the ship.  One interesting we saw on the way was a cemetary on the side of a mountain, the same mountain that fort was perched on high above.  You will see pictures of it at the end of the gallery.

Hope you enjoy what few pictures I took while in Barcelona, Spain.  I would definiely enjoy coming back here and spending a few extra days.

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